Jehane's lifetime of dance training
Jocelyne (Jehane) began her studies in dance at the age of five with ballet, tap and jazz lessons in Cumberland with Elaine Hunter, and continued taking dance lessons with the Elaine Hunter School of dance until the age of 17. Her dance training re-commenced in 1995 when she and her husband-to-be took lessons in ballroom dance. Jocelyne's love of movement and music of all kinds was re-awakened, and shortly after this she discovered a class in Middle-Eastern, or Oriental dance (raqs sharqi or danse orientale, also popularly known by the misnomer "Bellydance / Belly Dance"). This propelled her on a new journey of dance discovery and training. Jocelyne pursued multiple weekly lessons with several Middle-Eastern dance teachers in the Ottawa area since 1996, and intensive workshops at every possible opportunity, including with Egyptian dance legends during two month-long trips to Egypt. She began lessons with Egyptian dance master Denise Enan in 2001, and joined the Enan Egyptian Folkloric Troupe a year later. She considers herself a perpetual student and is always striving to grow and improve. During the course of her exploration of different movement forms, she has also taken lessons in Indian classical and folk dances, Flamenco, Jazz, Tap, Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. Her varied experiences and training have provided her with the tools to ensure that her students receive proper instruction to achieve maximum benefits without risk of injury.

Jocelyne began teaching dance quite literally by accident in the spring of 2002, when her dance teacher Jauhara had an accident which resulted in a broken foot two weeks before the start of spring session. Invited by her teacher to substitute, Jocelyne quickly prepared four Oriental and two jazz routines to be taught in the five weekly evening classes. She was pleased to discover that teaching dance was an exhilarating experience, and was encouraged by requests of her first students to continue offering classes. Because of this encouragement, Jocelyne found a new location to keep on teaching after Jauhara's foot healed and she was able to reclaim her classes. Jocelyne has taken Hadia’s teacher training program as well as Studio Mouvance’s Formation de professeures, and continues to offer lessons in the greater Ottawa and Gatineau area. Jehane believes that good teachers are also perpetual students, so she continues to develop her knowledge through classes with dance masters Denise and Ahmed Enan, through workshops with other esteemed instructors, as well as pursuing dance travel-study tours whenever possible.

After several years of performing under her own name, Jocelyne finally decided to adopt a stage name. Egyptian choreographer Ahmed Enan helped Jocelyne to choose the dance name "Jehane" which means "the grace of God"; Khan is her real (married) last name.